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Cuckoo is one of the main partners in Adult Exercise Hour

Empowering movement: Cuckoo is one of the main partners in Adult Exercise Hour Initiative in Finland. But what is this initiative? An what was the reason Cuckoo wanted to support the aim of encouraging employers to dedicate one hour of weekly work time to movement? Read more here.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Small Breaks During a Busy Workday – Unlock Your Productivity with Smart Breaks.

At Cuckoo, we believe in empowering individuals to reach their peak productivity. But how often do we find ourselves trapped in the paradox of "too much to do, no time for a break"? It's time to challenge this narrative.

From biodegradable materials to the world of workplace well-being – Emmi Randell starts as Cuckoo’s Chief Commercial Officer

Cuckoo strengthens its international growth with a new chief commercial officer. Emmi Randell has moved to Cuckoo from Sulapac, with a background in sales leadership and business development.

Chief Commercial Officer wanted

We are looking for an ambitious and experienced Chief Commercial Officer talent to take responsibility for our commercial operations in a fast-moving international business.

Cuckoo adds smiling faces at Rantalainen

Over 700 of Rantalainen's 1100 employees are using Cuckoo

How EY is using Cuckoo?

"Cuckoo supports mental wellbeing by offering a platform that helps build workdays in a way that these oh so important microbreaks are part of the day. My key message is that Cuckoo enables us to take care of ourselves."

Research: Savings of 100 000 euros with break exercise

The study found that sick leaves were able to be decreased by half a day per person in a three month intervention period. This means that during a year it is possible to cut the amount of absences by 2 days per person.

Ensto’s work community got hooked on Cuckoo

Ensto decided to start Cuckoo’s trial globally with a large group of people. Reducing prejudices started by tempting everyone to even try using Cuckoo.

Hybrid work – threat or opportunity?

Hybrid work refers to a work model in which work is done sometimes physically at the workplace and sometimes remotely. Hybrid working is becoming more and more popular which is why we have created a guide for you - how to support wellbeing in hybrid work.