From biodegradable materials to the world of workplace well-being – Emmi Randell starts as Cuckoo’s Chief Commercial Officer

Cuckoo strengthens its international growth with a new chief commercial officer. Emmi Randell has moved to Cuckoo from Sulapac, with a background in sales leadership and business development.

Having served in sales leadership roles at Sulapac for five years, Emmi Randell has started as the commercial director at Cuckoo. At the same time, Cuckoo is strengthening its sales on international markets. Randell also starts as part of Cuckoo’s executive team.

Greetings, Emmi! Could you briefly share your background and how you ended up at Finland’s leading workplace well-being technology company?

  • I enjoy creating growth and new things. I moved to Cuckoo from Sulapac. I worked there for over five years in various commercial roles, from sales leadership to business development. Cuckoo was interested in my background, and I was interested in the company’s mission, product, and way of working.

What made you interested in Cuckoo?

  • It’s important for me to work for causes I can fully support. I have always been interested in well-being and, for example, completed a yoga teacher training during the coronavirus years. Thus, Cuckoo fascinatingly combines several aspects that deeply excite me: the interesting phase of a growth company and improving the world one break at a time.

In recent years, Cuckoo has grown into one of the leading players in the corporate well-being sector. Its client base includes over 200 companies, such as EY, Ilmarinen, and Capgemini. Supporting employee stamina and investing in their well-being requires new solutions from companies, and Cuckoo is one of those solutions.

How do you see your previous experience being reflected in Cuckoo?

  • I have a strong background in international trade and business development, and it’s great to be able to utilize the lessons learned from my previous life on Cuckoo’s journey to becoming an international technology company.

During your career, you have led sales and international growth. What unique insights do you bring to Cuckoo?

  • At the heart of growth and new business is product-market fit. I see great potential in Cuckoo’s application as it solves well-being challenges in a simple way, starting at the individual level but also addressing the challenges brought by immobility at a societal level. In terms of processes, I believe my previous experiences will help find a balance between focus and the right direction.

A study conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on the use of Cuckoo showed that regular break exercises reduce sick leaves and lead to significant savings in target companies. Last year, a study conducted by Cuckoo showed that Finnish working life does not sufficiently support breaking up the workday. Cuckoo has been built from the ground up with international growth in mind, and Randell will steer this journey from a sales perspective.

Growth and development are important values at Cuckoo. How do you plan to promote these values as the commercial director?

  • Growth and development go hand in hand and are very much at the core of my job description. I see many opportunities for Cuckoo on international markets and look forward to building the business also beyond Finland’s borders.

Technology and people are working together to create a better tomorrow. What opportunities do you see in this combination? 

  • Technology is increasingly a part of life and everyday matters. With the development of artificial intelligence, this will surely be even more the case in the future. Technology makes many everyday things easier and can also solve big societal problems. However, I believe there also needs to be counterforces that remind us it’s good to take a break from the screen every now and then, go for a walk, and be present in the moment.  

Cuckoo’s CEO Amel Gaily commented on Randell’s start:

“It’s fantastic to have Emmi join our skilled team. Emmi’s background and experience bring us valuable expertise on our journey towards our next goals and international growth. A warm welcome, Emmi!”

Emmi Randell started at Cuckoo on March 11, 2024.