Frequently asked questions

Read below frequently asked questions and answers to them.


Implementing Cuckoo is easy! We create a company profile for you and deliver the start materials by email. Through a unique registration link, each employee can conveniently create their own Cuckoo profile with just a few clicks! Then it’s time to Cuckoo!

Depending on the contract model, we also hold a customized launch as a webinar or on-site. With the power of an activity contest, we get the best results right from the start!

It’s true that some will be immediately excited about Cuckoo, some will start later on, and some will never join in. However, our goal is always to involve as many of the staff as possible, not just those who eagerly take part in everything. The best results are achieved when Cuckoo is properly launched with the power of an activity contest, and it is communicated clearly and regularly. Additionally, we recommend taking breaks together, perhaps in team meetings, and using enthusiastic users to inspire others as well!

It is natural that the initial enthusiasm may wane and otherwise vary over the course of the collaboration. Usage activity is monitored through data, and there are various ways to maintain activity, such as regular communication, contests and campaigns, and webinars. Cuckoo’s gamified and community features also attract (and addict) users to active use. The best motivator for long-term usage is when you can create a routine of taking breaks for yourself and start noticing its positive effects on your well-being, such as your neck and head not hurting as often, and a more alert mind.

Originally, Cuckoo was developed for use in workplaces, but with the increase in remote work, there was more demand for it. Many organizations are now using a hybrid model, so Cuckoo can be brilliantly utilized in both remote and on-site work. Using Cuckoo at the office might be twice as much fun, as you can take breaks together with your colleagues.