Where can I find information about Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and how my data is handled?

Glad you asked! You’ll find what you’re looking for here: 

Want to know more about the features in Cuckoo?

In Cuckoo there are info buttons that you can click and get information about different features in the service. Additional information is available below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll help you in the Cuckoo-chat!


How do I take a break?

Easy! In Cuckoo’s top navi click Home and you’ll see videos in different categories. Choose the category of your liking and press play- easy peasy! Videos are suggested in a random order. Afterwards, you’ll find the videos you’ve done on your profile page.


How do I make a break a favorite?

After a break video you can add the video to favorites by clicking on the heart emoji.


How do I add participants to a break?

After a break video you can add participants by clicking “+ Participants”


How do I take a break together with a colleague remotely?

Breaks with others are the best kind! Start a video call with a friend or a team, open a break in Cuckoo and share your screen! Remember to add participants after the break so everyone gathers points!


What are activities?

Activities are daily habits that serve a purpose for your wellbeing, be it social, physical or mental. By logging activities you also collect points. Cuckoo users have different activities in the service depending on for example the organization’s requests.


How do I advance on the map?

You collect points by doing breaks and logging activities. By collecting points you also move up your map. You need 3 eggs to move up one level.


What are challenges?

Challenges are a way to motivate yourself and your friends to take more breaks and do other wellbeing activities during the day. You can create a challenge on the front page, from your profile or from another user’s profile page. Once your opponent has accepted the challenge, the challenge begins. The winner of the challenge gets extra points!


How do I create or join a team?

On the company page you can see your organization’s teams. Here you can create a team, join a team or invite people to your team. Here you’ll also see the ranking of teams within different time frames. You can only be part of one team at a time, so if you join a new team or create a new team, you’ll be removed from the previous team.


How do I modify my account?

By clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the top navi you’ll get to your profile page. Here you can change your settings, add a profile picture, set your own break times etc.


How do I get reminders?

Set your break times according to your schedule. Make sure you have accepted “Play alert sound” and keep Cuckoo open in your browser, we will remind you of your break!


How do I use Cuckoo on my phone?

Open Cuckoo in your phone’s browser and use Cuckoo as usual. You can create a quick access to Cuckoo by adding the site to your home page – make it easy to get to your next break wherever you are!


What is the monthly raffle?

We love competitions and the monthly raffle is always on in Cuckoo! Collect the target amount of eggs before the end of the month and you’ll be in the raffle of prizes. The head prize of the month is visible on the home page in Cuckoo.


What are the Cuckoo bird cards?

The bird cards are a way for the user to follow his/her own progress in Cuckoo. All cards reflect what you’ve been up to in the service. Curious to know what you need to do to get a card? Well, for example there are cards focusing on activities, different categories, communal breaks, challenges… Do much of one thing and you’ll get a card!

Issues? Bummer...

Why is my video not working?

Nooo! If there are issues with the video not working there might be a problem with our video provider, Vimeo. But we have tricks up our sleeve – try the following:

  1. a) Check that your browser is up to date

  2. b) Try using Cuckoo in a different browser. Usually Cuckoo works best in Chrome or Firefox

  3. c) Try using Cuckoo though your phone’s browser

  4. d) Check out Vimeos tips for problem situations: https://vimeo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015759328-Troubleshoot-video-playback-issues-

Why don’t I get points for my breaks?

Disappointed you didn’t get points? There’s a limit of 6 eggs that you can collect during a 16 hour time period. You can of course take more breaks than this (and great if you do) but you will receive zero points for them.

Cuckoo encourages behavior change and evenly spaced breaks will help you to build lasting and sustainable changes in your habits. Also, since some Cuckoo users have more time on their hands and some less, the point limit makes challenges and competitions more fair. 

If you haven’t reached your daily limit but still don’t get points, make sure your page is up to date and that your internet connection is stabil.