Productivity starts
from a break.

Cuckoo is a user-friendly wellbeing app that works like a recess during work day. The break content is tailored with experts for modern work-life.

Small team? We’ve got you. Head of multinational corporation? We’ve got you. Or something in between? We’ve got you too.

From 29 € per month.

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Solving real

Less sick leaves

Studies show that with the use of Cuckoo can decrease sick leaves by two days a year by employee.

Increased productivity

Taking regular breaks can increase productivity up to an 1,5 € / an hour per person.

Better wellbeing

Building a community and a culture has never been easier.


Purchase the needed amount of licenses or request a demo

You already know how many licenses your team needs? Great! Off you go!

If you want to talk with us and see what kind of package would be the best for your organisation, request a demo. We will demonstrate how Cuckoo works and how we can get started to build your organisations wellbeing.


We will tailor an onborading package for your organisation to get the crowd going.

Support after launch

You will always have a personal Cuckoo wellbeing expert with problem solving super powers.

Keep up to date

We will send you regular updates to you and your employees to keep you on track on what’s coming up.

Build routine

Cuckoo is built to support your new routines. We arrange also raffles, challenges and competitions to remind you about your new healthy habits.

Based on hard facts

Research: Savings of 100 000 euros with break exercise

The study found that sick leaves were able to be decreased by half a day per person in a three month intervention period. This means that during a year it is possible to cut the amount of absences by 2 days per person.

What our
customers say?

Over 200 companies and organisations use Cuckoo regularly.

”Cuckoo supports psychological endurance by providing a platform that helps structure the days in such a way that micro-breaks are actually taken. I think the key message is that Cuckoo enables us to take care of ourselves.”

Katariina Jalas, HR Director, EY Finland

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made easy

Easy to use

Collect points from breaks and activities. Move on the map and win prizes!

Support team spirit

You can arrange competitions and challenges in Cuckoo. You can also have communal breaks and lower the threshold by taking a break together.


You choose, when you want to take a break. You don’t have to remember it – that’s our job.

Dive into the world of Cuckoo

We’d like to tell you more about how Cuckoo works. We have made a series of videos to get you on board in blink of an eye.

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