starts with a pause.

Cuckoo is a user-friendly wellbeing app that brings smart and healthy habits into work days. It works like a recess and all the break content is tailored with experts for the modern work-life.

Start with a 14-day free trial.
After that only 9,90 € / month.

Why bother?


You likely sit too much during your workday and move too little. Cuckoo is the solution. You have less troubles from sitting hours and hours, and even your mind is refreshed.


Movement is the best medicine and it brings energy. Smart breaks during your work day helps both mental and physical recovery from work. You’ll have more power in your free time. Trust us.

your progress

Motivate yourself by seeing progress. Save your favourite breaks, participate in raffles, challenge your friends. See, how breaks become your new routine and enjoy the benefits.

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How does it work?

Take breaks with Cuckoo. Follow your progress, collect points, set goals. And look at that, you have created better routines!

“This whole concept is so great! This REALLY works. When you feel tired and you take break, you’ll feel like a new person. Thank you for that.”

Cuckoo user


Easy to use

Collect points from breaks and activities. Move on the map and win prizes!

Create groups and challenges

Challenge your friends and create communal breaks. See which one of you is the break master.


You choose, when you want to take a break. You don’t have to remember it – that’s our job.

Cuckoo your way

You can use Cuckoo in your browser or with Cuckoo App. Your breaks and points are saved between the devices!

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This is your sign to start smarter habits today.