Boosting business
and life with joy

Feeling bored with the same routines and never-ending to-do lists? Cuckoo is the good mood break app that makes smart habits an easy and fun part of your day.


What is Cuckoo?

Cuckoo is a gamified wellbeing app that brings joy to your day! It boosts your energy levels and inspires you to take breaks – giving your body a break from sitting and your head a rest from work. In addition, Cuckoo helps you to monitor your happiness while navigating through your day. Changing habits is easy when you know where to start.

Why Cuckoo?

Cuckoo helps you to kill boredom at work. It brings sense of belonging and fun things to do together with your friends and colleagues. Challenge your friends and win prizes!

Where is Cuckoo?

Cuckoo is available on the web and in Teams.

Find what you're looking for

It started with two co-workers and 100 jumping jacks

It all started with two co-workers, an alarm clock and 100 jumping jacks at noon everyday. The joy of movement started to spread like a wildfire among the work community when a growing number of employees joined the breaks.

Today we continue to spread the same spark of joy through the Cuckoo app.

Believe it or not today will be a good day

All the pots and pans in the Cuckoo lab have been on fire! We’ve transformed our brand to reflect our spirit and mission better. To go with this fresh look, we’ve also renewed our product. Our mission is to bring joy to your day, and we certainly hope our new webapp does just that!

Can’t wait for you to try it! 

Four categories
for four moods

The Boost category

will get you pumped

up with energy and

high spirits!


The Joy category

will put a smile on

your face with

good energy!


The Relax category

lets you get a breather

and moment

for recovery.


The Focus category

helps you settle your

mind and get into

your focused zone.


Need a shoulder?

There are no silly questions! Our team of committed professionals will help you with any questions you might have, whether it’s major or minor. We would love to hear from you! Is your mind not made up yet? You can try Cuckoo App for free for 14 days. Join our happy bunch!

Love from our happy bunch of Cuckooers

“Concentration at works has improved and everyone feels more energetic even after work”

Emmi Ritvanen

Customer Service Manager, L&T Finland

“We knew Cuckoo was going to be a good addition to our company, but it has exceeded our expectations. I’m a proud user of Cuckoo and I can gladly recommend it for other companies to try!”

Elisabeth Skol

HR Director, Manpowergroup Sweden

“Thank you! I really appreciate these exercises, and I appreciate the initiative from my employer. Cuckoo has given me a more varied workday than before.”


Cuckoo user, Enfo Sweden

“This is such a fun and well executed app – the inner child in this 50-year-old body has started taking breaks. No other things have worked longer than a couple of days.”

Cuckoo user

Tornator Oyj Finland

Emmi Ritvanen

Customer Service Manager, L&T


Elisabeth Skol

HR Director, Manpowergroup



Cuckoo user, Enfo


Cuckoo user

Tornator Oyj