What if you could modernize workplace wellbeing with a push of a button?

Cuckoo is a wellbeing app tailored for the present-day workplace.

Join hundreds of leading brands and tens of thousands of users in taking active breaks and increasing their wellbeing.

Taking breaks have never been this easy.

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Love from our happy bunch of Cuckooers

“Our work requires ability to concentrate for several hours and that’s why for example the mindfulnessbreaks in Cuckoo have been very good for our employees.”

​​”This whole concept is just awesome! This REALLY WORKS! You really feel motivated to take breaks because you want to collect those points! The adult mind works like a child sometimes… Thank you!”

“I started to use Cuckoo a little reluctantly (western nonsense I thought), but this is just brilliant; the breaks are short and compact enough that you can take them as an everyday routine, but still they give you a lot of energy!”

Based on hardcore facts

Saving hundreds of thousands of euros by implementing Cuckoo’s break exercises?

In 2018, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health did a study on the use of Cuckoo and its positive impact on the companies.

Increased productivity, a decreased amount of sick day leaves and happier employees. These are just a few of the benefits of adding movement and recovery breaks to workdays.

  • 2 days per person

    Cuckoo decreases 2 sick leave days per employee per year on average.

  • 1,5 € / hour

    Employee productivity growth by 1,5 EUR per hour.

  • 30 minutes per day

    Decrease in sitting work by 30 minutes per day.

  • 100 000 € / year

    Savings of up to 100 000 EUR in a company with 100 employees.

What is Cuckoo?

Cuckoo is a gamified, user friendly app that rewards healthy breaks. It is like a call for recess, but in work life.

Take a break, collect points, advance on the Cuckoo adventure map and win great prizes!

Choose when you want to take breaks. Cuckoo reminds when its time! Let’s go!

Challenge your colleague to a break competition, or see how your company is doing against other similar companies!

Four categories for four moods


The Boost category will get you pumped up with energy and high spirits!


The Joy category will put a smile on your face!


The Relax category lets you get a breather and moment for recovery.


The Focus category helps you settle your mind and get into your focused zone.

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Take a break, anywhere, anytime!

Take breaks using the Cuckoo app. Follow your stats and daily goals from your smartphone. Stay on track, and build better habits!

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