Make Activity Challenges Part of Your Workdays! – A New Feature in Cuckoo

Summer is just around the corner, but the pace at Cuckoo hasn't slowed down yet. We have launched a new feature in Cuckoo: activity challenges! Read this article to find out what it means, the benefits of such challenges, and the feedback we've received!

As we know, workplace well-being greatly affects productivity and employee satisfaction. Challenges regarding engagement, motivation, and poor resilience improve when well-being is comprehensively considered during working hours. Therefore, in addition to the breaks in Cuckoo, we have now added activity challenges to our product range.

What is an Activity Challenge?

Activity challenges are an easy and engaging way to activate staff during the workday while promoting endurance and well-being. Activity challenges created in Cuckoo can be built around various themes, such as commuting by walking or biking, going out for a short walk during the workday, or even drinking water. In Cuckoo, an activity challenge is created by selecting a theme, duration, and a common goal; if the theme is commuting, the goal could be to commute actively once a week. The entire staff is invited to participate in the challenge, and members of the challenge can add photos, comment on, and react to each other’s performances.

What Are the Benefits of an Activity?

Cuckoo’s activity challenges are low-threshold activations. They help incorporate short breaks into the workday, boosting energy levels and maintaining overall endurance. Cuckoo’s goal has been to develop features that easily encourage staff to increase their physical activity during the workday. The activity challenge is one example of this; through these challenges, you can also highlight other important wellness themes for your staff, such as healthy nutrition or physical activity during leisure time. Comprehensive well-being is well-supported with just one tool. In addition to Cuckoo’s ready-made options, the themes of the activity challenges can also be fully customized to suit your needs.

Another significant benefit is community spirit. When the staff participates together in challenges and sees concrete results, the sense of belonging strengthens, and team spirit brightens. Employees can also share their experiences and encourage each other, creating a positive and supportive work atmosphere. The power of example is great.


​​”Creating the activity challenge in Cuckoo was really easy, and we received help from Cuckoo’s experts to set the appropriate target level.

Hannele Mattila, Human Resources Plannes, The Municipality of Pirkkala

Take Breaks Regularly

The activity challenge is one way to integrate short, regular breaks into the workday. The benefits of breaks for endurance, energy levels, and physical and mental well-being require regularity and perseverance. The activity challenge brings variety and new goals, making it easy to take breaks regularly almost without noticing. When the whole team takes on the challenge, the effect of the example is significant because, as they say, behavior creates new behavior. At its best, healthy, work-promoting breaks become a permanent part of the workplace culture.

The Municipality of Pirkkala Enthusiastically Embraced Activity Challenges

The Municipality of Pirkkala was one of Cuckoo’s first customers to try the activity challenge. They organized an activity challenge for commuting during Bike Week. Pirkkala has a strategic goal to increase the physical activity of its employees and the activity challenge was a perfect feature for this.

– Creating the activity challenge in Cuckoo was really easy, and we received help from Cuckoo’s experts to set the appropriate target level. We plan to organize the activity challenge again this coming fall, comments the Human Resources Planner Hannele Mattila, from the Municipality of Pirkkala.

Take on the Challenge in Your Own Workplace!

Cuckoo’s breaks and new activity challenges have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We warmly recommend trying this feature with a low threshold, and if Cuckoo is still new to you, take Cuckoo for a spin even just with your own team!


Pick a suitable plan

Choose a suitable plan for you, based on how many licenses your organizations will have. You can always update the plan when needed.


From 29 €/month*

*the applicable VAT will be added to the prices.

5-30 licenses

  • 1000+ breaks designed by physiotherapists

  • Activity logging, e.g., changing work posture, active commuting, drinking water

  • Customizable reminders for breaks and activities

  • Team challenges

  • Motivating raffles

  • Option for communal breaks with the team

  • Weekly live breaks and monthly info sessions

  • Chat support


From 129 €/month*

*the applicable VAT will be added to the prices.

30-250 licenses

Everything in the Team package, plus…

  • Dedicated wellness expert for your support

  • Employer’s control panel

  • Customized onboarding materials

  • Monthly support materials for activation

  • Option for personalized activity challenges

  • SSO integration

  • Visibility in the corporate league


From 625 €/month*

*the applicable VAT will be added to the prices.

+250 licenses

Everything in the Business package, plus…

  • Regular user surveys to support effectiveness

  • Usage activity tracking and reporting

  • Action suggestions in line with the organization’s wellness strategy

  • Separate training for supervisors in organizations with 500+ licenses

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