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How EY is using Cuckoo?

I am so excited that we have over 2 000 Cuckoo users at EY in the Nordics. This is a quarter of our workforce, so it is quite a large amount of people.

Katariina Jalas
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Cuckoo adds smiling faces at Rantalainen

We want to be the best work place in Finland and Cuckoo is a big part of that.

Laura Iivonen
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Ensto’s work community got hooked on Cuckoo

Someone in our network recommended Cuckoo for us. We are hooked!

Elina Koski
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More efficient workdays with Cuckoo

Cuckoo is a wellbeing software where you can find over 100 break exercises, created by physioterapists. The gamified features really attracts you to take those breaks: for every break you take, you will collect points and participate in weekly raffles.

Gamified wellbeing for your workday

By collecting points you will move on our Cuckoo map and participate in competitions with great prizes, while maintaining your wellbeing. You can also challenge and follow your colleagues in the app as well as create groups within your company. Cuckoo is used by over 200 leading companies and organizations. Are you the next one?

Cuckoo is based on science.

According to research from the Institute of occupational health in Finland Cuckoo contributes to work wellbeing in many ways; social, mental and physical. Sick leave days decreased and significant amounts of money were saved. Other effects were increased sense of community and better recovery. Read more here.