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What are customers saying about Cuckoo?

Over 200 companies and organizations are using Cuckoo on a daily basis.

I am so excited that we have over 2 000 Cuckoo users at EY in the Nordics. This is a quarter of our workforce, so it is quite a large amount of people.

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We want to be the best work place in Finland and Cuckoo is a big part of that.

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Someone in our network recommended Cuckoo for us. We are hooked!

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How does it work?

Cuckoo is like a call for recess, but in the workplace. It tells you when its time for a rejuvenating break. An active lifestyle is rewarded with weekly prizes!

Take a break, collect points and move through the Cuckoo adventure map and win great prizes!

You can choose when you want to take your breaks. Cuckoo reminds you when its time. And then its rock n roll!

Challenge your colleague to a break competition or see how your company is comparing to other companies of the same size!

Cuckoo is the best solution if:

  • You have an authentic will to develop your employee wellbeing and commit to its execution

  • You have an open an positive work culture

  • You want to increase mental and physical wellbeing - and bring a smile and joy to your workdays

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