Getting started with Cuckoo

Taking breaks have never been this easy. Below you will find short introductions to the main features and how to get the most of Cuckoo!

What is Cuckoo?

In Cuckoo you can find more than 1000+ different guided break exercise videos, all planned by physiotherapists. The length of the videos vary between 1-3 minutes. You can easily choose an exercise that suits you and carry it out during your working day. The idea of the app is to encourage you to take breaks, move regularly and help you feel good!

How to get started?

Cuckoo is all about breaks – so how to take one? Go to “Choose a break”. Here you can either choose the suggested ones from our four main categories – Boost, Joy, Relax or Focus or choose more specific ones – for example neck and shoulders, back, breaks with your dog and a lot more.

What kind of breaks can you do?

Cuckoo has breaks for all moods, from tired to wired, from calm to focused and everything in between. In addition to our four main categories, Joy, Relax, Boost and Focus there are tens of others. For tight neck and shoulders? We’ve got it. Breaks sitting down? We’ve got it. For hands or legs? We’ve got it. We even have breaks with your furry friends! All designed by physiotherapists.

Planning your breaks

If you want to set breaks for your workdays in advance and create a routine go to “Edit breaks”. Start by setting the time for the first break, choose category and add a reminder. Do the same for the second and third breaks. We recommend three, but you can add up to six. You can also choose days when you want these reminders. When you’re done, click save. You can also add the breaks to your work calendar

Now you are all set for daily success.

Collecting points

By being smart and taking breaks in Cuckoo you collect points. By collecting points you participate in weekly and monthly raffles with great prizes. You get one point from taking a break and half a point from logging an activity. You can collect up to 6 points per day. By taking daily breaks you do not only feel better but also increase your chances of winning.

Taking breaks with friends

You don’t need to use your own account if you take a break with a colleague. At the end of each break you can choose to add participants, so your colleagues can easily add you by searching for your name and then clicking submit. This way, you both get your points. You can add as many participants as you want.

So get those Cuckoo team breaks going!