Cuckoo is one of the main partners in Adult Exercise Hour

Empowering movement: Cuckoo is one of the main partners in Adult Exercise Hour Initiative in Finland. But what is this initiative? An what was the reason Cuckoo wanted to support the aim of encouraging employers to dedicate one hour of weekly work time to movement? Read more here.

The “Adult Exercise Hour” (Aikuisten Liikuntatunti in Finnish) initiative, launched in Finland by Tagomo Agency, represents a groundbreaking approach to increase the physical inactivity among adults, particularly within the workforce, by allowing them to use one hour of their work time per week to any kind of physical activity. At its core, this initiative seeks to integrate structured physical activity into the workday, thereby promoting health, enhancing productivity, and reducing the societal and economic burdens associated with sedentary lifestyles.

The project underscores the importance of regular exercise, aiming to foster a culture where movement is seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily work life. By encouraging companies across Finland to allocate one hour during the workweek for employees to engage in physical activity, the initiative sets a new standard for workplace wellness and employee well-being.

Cuckoo’s Pioneering Role in Promoting Workplace Wellness

Our physical inactivity is at an all-time high, impacting both personal health and societal welfare. Cuckoo steps forward as a proud principal partner of the revolutionary “Adult Exercise Hour” initiative and this partnership signifies more than just a commitment; it embodies our core belief that the well-being of employees is paramount to a company’s success.

At Cuckoo, we recognize the irreplaceable value that active lifestyles bring to the workforce. The alarming trend of sedentary living, with its economic and health ramifications, calls for urgent action. Our collaboration with the “Adult Exercise Hour” project is driven by a shared vision to enhance  mobility and wellness of working people and, by extension, to foster a healthier society.

The “Adult Exercise Hour” is designed to integrate physical activity into the daily routine of the Finnish workforce. This initiative Cuckoo’s vision to create healthier work culture in direct correlation with productivity, resilience, and overall well-being.

An invitation to movement

The “Adult Exercise Hour” is a call to action for all Finnish companies. This initiative provides a framework for integrating physical activity into the workweek, offering a flexible, inclusive approach to movement. Whether it’s group sports, individual exercise, or mindfulness practices, the options are limitless, underscoring the joy and freedom of movement.

We invite you to be part of this movement, to champion the health and vitality of your employees, and to set a new standard for workplace well-being. Together, we can turn the tide on inactivity, fostering a culture of health that permeates every level of society.

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