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Hybrid work – threat or opportunity?

What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work refers to a work model in which work is done sometimes physically at the workplace and sometimes remotely. Possibility for hybrid work depends on the organization, work tasks and responsibilities. 

More and more organizations are moving to full-time remote working or hybrid work that physically combines remote work and work in the workplace.  In many organizations, remote working or the hybrid model has already become the new norm, and the old 100% office work is unlikely to return, at least in the near future.

That’s why we put together a guide where we present eight ideas that can be invested in to support well-being in hybrid work. We’ve also put together practical tips in the guide to get these ideas into the workdays.

Common rules are the key

If the rules for hybrid work are not clear, the uncertainty of the situation can increase the mental strain. It is therefore very important to clarify the ground rules in the work community. Start by agreeing on at least the following basics:


  • When and where the work is done?


  • What communication channel is used to each purpose?


  • When you are supposed to be available?

Remember two kinds of ergonomics

In order for hybrid work to work as well as possible, it is important to ensure that the working conditions are in order both at home and in the office. Go through the ways in which you can support the smooth running of work and the preconditions for well-being at work at your home office as well. Does everyone have working connections? Can you support getting an ergonomic remote workstation?

There are fewer natural breaks and movement in remote working when you don’t have to walk to the printer or meeting room. It also matters what kind of breaks you take. Sitting and surfing in social media doesn’t refresh the body or mind. A quality break helps to take a break from work for a moment and activates the body and mind. One way to motivate your employees to take more active breaks is with Cuckoo wellbeing app.

When thinking about the ergonomics of work, one will often think of a person’s relationship to their operating environment only from the perspective of the body. It would be equally important to look at cognitive ergonomics, that is, from a brain perspective. The goal of cognitive ergonomics is the efficiency and smoothness of operations and thus the increase in wellbeing. Remote working messages and notifications can come more than in everyday office life, so it is necessary to organize a peace of mind for the brain. The good side of hybrid work is that there are fewer colleagues around, so it’s easier to determine when you are available for contacts.

Remotely together

Good (work) friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there.

When you are suddenly physically far from your co-workers, there is also less natural chatter and community. Social relationships have a significant impact on our well-being, so it is worth investing in them consciously. Maybe you could organize weekly remote coffee breaks for casual chatting? Taking exercise breaks together when having video meetings is also a great way to add natural togetherness and ensure work breaks. 

Hybrid work needs to be supported with wellbeing data

In order to ensure the effectiveness and adequacy of well-being at work, it must be closely measured and monitored. In a new or exceptional situation, the annual welfare survey may produce information too infrequently. A more concise pulse survey provides more real-time information in order to be able to respond quickly. Cuckoo wellbeing application can also help company leaders to get insight on the wellbeing of their employees. Read more here.

Download free guide for hybrid work!

This hybrid work guide includes a lot of concrete tips and tricks that will help you to implement the ideas presented above.

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