Cuckoo for yourself

In Cuckoo you can find more than 1 000 different guided break exercise videos, all planned by our physiotherapists. The length of the videos vary between 1-3 minutes. You can easily choose an exercise that suits you and carry it out during your working day. The idea of the app is to encourage you to take breaks, move regularly and help you feel good!

You can use Cuckoo for yourself for 9.90 € / month or 100 € / year.

Payment is also possible with Smartum, Epass and Edenred recreation vouchers.

Small breaks, big benefits

  • Low threshold break exercises with 1-3 minute videos

  • Mindfulness and focus-exercises

  • Competitions and prizes!

  • Collect points and track your progress

Love from our happy bunch of Cuckooers

“Our work requires ability to concentrate for several hours and that’s why for example the mindfulnessbreaks in Cuckoo have been very good for our employees.”

​​”This whole concept is just awesome! This REALLY WORKS! You really feel motivated to take breaks because you want to collect those points! The adult mind works like a child sometimes… Thank you!”

“I started to use Cuckoo a little reluctantly (western nonsense I thought), but this is just brilliant; the breaks are short and compact enough that you can take them as an everyday routine, but still they give you a lot of energy!”

Based on research

  • Added movement

    Research shows that using Cuckoo adds movement in the day – not only during the workday but also in your free time.

  • Pain relief

    User reports show that Cuckoo reduces back and neck pain.

  • Mental

    Users have reported better energy throughout the day and quicker mental recovery after work.

  • Personalized

    Take breaks to fit your mood by choosing between different break categories in Cuckoo.

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