Build a strong work community

Not sure how your employees are doing? Losing the sense of community in the workplace in a hybrid work environment?

A good mood, daily wins and prizes every month

  • Increased sense of community

  • Physical and mental wellbeing - decrease in sick days

  • A personal Cuckoo contact with problem solving super powers

  • Data to support wellbeing

Based on research

  • Health improvements

    Research shows that using Cuckoo has a positive effect on both physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Community

    Cuckoo adds a sense of communality to the workplace no matter where people are working, and creates an open and creative culture.

  • Less sick leave

    According to research, the use of Cuckoo decreases sick leave with about 2 days /person /year, saving companies lots of money.

  • Personalized

    Get lectures from wellbeing experts, decide on your own activities and get internal competitions! Also get new insight on the wellbeing of your employees.

What are customers saying about Cuckoo?

Over 200 companies and organizations are using Cuckoo on a daily basis.

I am so excited that we have over 2 000 Cuckoo users at EY in the Nordics. This is a quarter of our workforce, so it is quite a large amount of people.

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We want to be the best work place in Finland and Cuckoo is a big part of that.

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Someone in our network recommended Cuckoo for us. We are hooked!

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minutes / day

The amount of increased movement after starting with Cuckoo. It does not only bring more movement through smart breaks, but leads to a more active lifestyle in general, and outside of work, in addition to higher energy levels throughout the day.


days / person

The research concluded that regular break exercise decreased the amount of sick days by 0,5 days per person during a 3-month intervention. On an annual basis this means 2 full days of less sick leave per person in savings.

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