1. Overall description of the service

Cuckoo (afterwards Service) is a service offered by Cuckoo Networks Oy. The service enables break exercise activity at workplaces via the internet. With the service employees can set an alarm to remind them and take a 2-3 minute guided active break. Break videos focus on supporting the musculoskeletal system, increase heart rate and activate the brain. The service makes it possible for employees to be active regardless of time and space.

The Cuckoo service is at the customers’ use as a cloud service. The customer receives a registration code for the company. With this code the employees (Users) can log in to the Service. The code opens up a form in which the user fills information (name, email, password) and after that the Service is at use. The user can also register to the Service with his/her Microsoft-account. In this case the user registers with Microsoft credentials and will be able to log in with these credentials later. The customers Admin is a person who will be authorized to have admin rights to the Service. The customer’s Admin controls company information and the company’s visibility in Service.

The Service can be used in browser or through Microsoft Teams. To use the Service internet connection is needed. To use the service you need to have internet access that enables regular HTTP/HTTPS -protocol-compliant traffic (TCP-entry 80 and 443). The newest versions of browsers are recommended. Supported browsers are Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. To use the Service, browser needs to have allowed cookies and JavaScript -commands.

The Service can also be used through Microsoft Teams. The Service is downloaded from Teams App Store. In the Teams Cuckoo integration the user can communicate with a chat-bot: set the break alarms, take a breaks and add participants. The teams Cuckoo integration also lets user move to Cuckoo service in browser where the user can use all other features.

2. Starting to use the Service


Users will register to the Service with a registration link or code received from the customers Admin. In the electric registration form users name, email and password are asked. User can also register to the Service with Microsoft-credentials.

Materials are provided for the customers Admin to publish in the company’s intra and other communication channels.

A registered user can use the Service regardless of time and space. The only thing a user needs is a working internet connection. The Service works in computer browser, mobile browser, tablet browser and in Microsoft Teams.

3. The structure of the Service

On the front page, the user sees a map and their own and their colleagues’ actions in the Service. From the front page the user can start a break video and log activities. User will also see ongoing challenges on front page, and can start a new challenge.

On Leaderboard-page the companies using the Service are listed according to their activity. This is a way for companies to increase their market value and communicate to other companies about them caring for personnel. The company has three options for visibility in the Leaderboard:
1. Company can set their profile as private. In this case, the company is not visible on Leaderboard or any other place to the users of the Service.
2. Company can set their profile visible on the Leaderboard but the users of the company are not seen by other users of the Service. If a user has set his/her settings as “Private” they are not seen to other users within their own company either.
3. Company can set their profile as open. In this case, the ranking is visible on the Leaderboard and the registered users of the company can be seen to other users of the Service. If a user has set their settings as “Private” they are not seen by other users of the Service. Please discuss with contact person at Cuckoo if this is unclear.

Company page is the user’s own company’s page where he/she can see colleagues’ progress in a ranking list of most active users of the company. If a user has set his/her settings as “private” they are not seen on the list. On the Company-page, you can see the company’s current standing on the Leaderboard and what type of breaks the company has taken during the ongoing month. On the Company-page, you can also choose to follow your colleagues in which case their activity will be seen on your front page. By default, a user follows all of his/her colleagues. If a user has set their settings as “private” they can’t be followed.

On the FAQ-page there are listed the most frequently asked questions which can help the user find answers to possible questions about the usage of the Service.

Profile page is the user’s own profile. On this page, they can edit their own name and upload a profile picture. On the profile page, the user can set the alarms for customized times. On the profile-page, the user sees his/her break and activity history, as well as achievements and challenges. The leaderboard shows the user’s ranking among all those he/she follows in the service.

In settings, the user can change their username and edit their language settings (Finnish, Swedish or English). You can also edit the break alerts from settings. The user can choose three times for alerts and pick the weekdays they want to get the alarm on. The user can decide whether or not they want to automatically follow all of their colleagues. The user can set their profile as “private” in which case the profile is not visible for other users in the company. The user can also choose to turn on notifications and by doing this receive emails about active challenges and transfer break alerts into their calendar.

4. The features of the Service – to the user

The service gives an alert in the browser when it’s time to take a break. The user can set three break alerts in the times he/she wants to receive a notification. When the alert goes on the user can also pass it and they don’t need to take a break right away.

The user can choose to limit the alerts at specific times if they don’t want to receive the alerts. There will be a calendar invite sent to the user about the break times and the user can choose to add those into their own calendar. In this case the user will receive alerts even if the Service is not open in the browser. The most common calendar providers, such as Google and Outlook, support the Service’s alert. The user can decide whether or not to save the break alerts in their calendar.

Break exercise videos
When the user receives an alert to take a break, the user can start a break by clicking the notification. The user can also start a video from the front page in the category of his/her choice. The user can also choose break exercise videos from different categories. The user collects points automatically after completing the video. If the video is not completed the user will not receive points. To move up one level user must collect three eggs/points.

One video lasts 2-3 minutes. The video consists of three different movements that are all shown on the video by models. There is music in the background that can be turned off. The Service has over 400 different videos. The exercises can be done anywhere without equipment.

A trained physiotherapist and osteopath has designed all the break exercises. The movements are designed for people who sit a lot at work. Movements are meant to prevent health issues caused by excessive sitting.

The videos don’t contain speech or text so the same videos work for all users regardless of their language settings (Finnish, Swedish or English). All videos work both on computer and mobile app.

The Service also contains mindfulness-exercises that have been produced by educated mindfulness-coaches. Mindfulness-exercises are relaxing audios in which the aim is to focus on breathing. The exercises are 1-15 minutes length and the user can choose the length and the theme of the exercise.

The exercises are available in Finnish, English and Swedish. All videos work both on computer and mobile app.

Activities include physical and mental activities that the user can do during his/her day and collect points for them. These are for example: use the stairs, active commute, change working posture have lunch without phone and computer. The Service encourages the user to make small micro deeds to activate their work day. The user can log an activity by clicking “Activity” on the front page.

The activities can also be tailored to meet the needs of the company.

Cuckoo’s chat is found in the bottom right corner of the Service.

Through chat the user can be in touch with the customer service if they have questions or comments about the Service. Chat is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Language settings
The user can edit their language settings in their own profile. Language options are Finnish, Swedish and English. (Read more about settings from The structure of the Service.)

Bell / trophy image
From the bell image the user can accept challenges, participate in raffles and see other notifications.

Map and levels
By taking breaks in the Service the user advances on the levels of the map. The user begins from level 1. When the user has collected three eggs he/she moves up one level. On the map the user sees colleagues they follow as icons on the level they are currently at. If a user has set their profile private they cannot see others on the map and other users don’t see them.

Every completed break and marked activity gives the user eggs which mean points. With these points the user advances from one level to another and receives different wellbeing tips when doing so. The user also has a possibility to participate in the monthly raffle by collecting enough points during a month. The Service encourages to make changes in behavior and do small deeds. The maximum amount of eggs per day is 6. This makes it possible for everyone to move up the levels at the same pace and avoids excessive and unfair competition.

Monthly competitions
Every user has a chance to participate in a competition and raffle each month. When the user collects 30 eggs during a month he/she can participate in the monthly raffle. If a user doesn’t want to, they don’t need to participate in the raffle. The Service provider raffles monthly varied prizes offered by partners between everyone who participates in the raffle.

Every user and company has their own profile that can be seen by other users. If a user has set their profile private it can’t be seen by others.

In the Service it is possible to follow other users from your own company and from other companies. In this case the user sees on the user feed when others have taken breaks or marked activities. If a user is private they can’t be followed or seen.

In the Service users can challenge each other to a playful activity challenge for 1, 3 or 5 days. The challenge begins when the challenged user accepts the challenge. The winner gets extra points and in a tie the points are shared. Winner is the one who has been more active during the challenge. The user doesn’t have to challenge anyone if they don’t want to. Users who are private can’t accept challenges.

5. Features of the Service to customer’s Admin

Management of the company profile
The customers Admin manages the company information, pictures and content. Customers Admin can fix the profile privacy and make it private if needed. Customers Admin also sees a “User list” on the Company-page and is able to see all registered users with their email addresses. The Admin user also has access to anonymous company activity statistics.

6. Other

If the customer needs help with using the Service or something else, the Service provider will help customers information management.