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Account manager wanted

We are looking for an ambitious and positive-minded Account Manager who continuously wants to drive growth and help customers in developing employee wellbeing.

Content Specialist wanted

We are looking for an inventive Content Specialist - are you the one?We are looking for an energetic and innovative Content Specialist who continuously wants to exceed our customer’s expectations. 

Cuckoo adds smiling faces at Rantalainen

Over 700 of Rantalainen's 1100 employees are using Cuckoo

Research: Savings of 100 000 euros with break exercise

The study found that sick leaves were able to be decreased by half a day per person in a three month intervention period. This means that during a year it is possible to cut the amount of absences by 2 days per person.

Ensto’s work community got hooked on Cuckoo

Ensto decided to start Cuckoo’s trial globally with a large group of people. Reducing prejudices started by tempting everyone to even try using Cuckoo.

Hybrid work – threat or opportunity?

Hybrid work refers to a work model in which work is done sometimes physically at the workplace and sometimes remotely. Hybrid working is becoming more and more popular which is why we have created a guide for you - how to support wellbeing in hybrid work.