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Welcome to Cuckoo in Teams

Cuckoo is here to help you stay energized the whole day and have a bit of fun with your team. How does that sound? Cuckoo’s mission is to make people happier and healthier by lifting their butts off the chair! Cuckoo brings you joyful, 2-3 minute micro-breaks that will not only boost your energy level but also give you more mental clarity. All the easy micro break exercises are designed by a physiotherapist and are suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level.

With Cuckoo Teams app you can schedule and have Cuckoo-breaks in between your meetings and video calls. You collect coconut points from all breaks you complete and these points are automatically visible in your web app. By collecting coconut points you move up the levels on the Cuckoo map available in the web app. The Cuckoo web app also offers you access to competitions and raffles. You can access the Cuckoo web app from Teams by clicking “Open Cuckoo” in the help menu or in the award message.


We promise that casual breaks with your teammates will rapidly boost your team spirit! Are you ready to have fun?

Find the explanations for the buttons below

“Let’s take a break”

Take an instant Cuckoo break.

“Schedule a break”

Schedule break reminders. You can schedule up to three breaks a day.


Save the break notification schedule.

“Open Cuckoo”

Open Cuckoo web-app on your browser to access all the features: follow your colleagues, participate in competitions, see the prizes, etc.

“Sign in”

You can sign in to the Cuckoo app and add the extension to Cuckoo Teams at once.

“Try for free!”

Try the Cuckoo experience for free.

“Sign up with code”

Sign up with the code you received from your employer.

“Sign out from Cuckoo”

Sign out of the current session.

“More help”

Get more help.


Proceed to the next step anywhere in the Cuckoo app.

“Sign in with Microsoft”

Sign up to the Cuckoo app with your Microsoft account if you haven’t made a Cuckoo account yet.

“Log in with Microsoft”

Log in to the Cuckoo app with your Microsoft account when you’ve already signed up.

To remove your Cuckoo account and permanently delete all your data, please email us at

Any other questions?

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