Rules of Cuckoo's competitions and raffles

Cuckoo Networks Oy regularly organizes raffles and competitions, where users of the wellbeing platform Cuckoo can participate by choice.

1. Competition organizer

Cuckoo Networks Oy, 00100, Helsinki. VAT number: 2612255-9

2. Types of raffles

The Cuckoo wellbeing platform organizes monthly competitions with raffles with active users of the service. In these, the main prize (a product, service or gift card) varies. About once a month Cuckoo also organizes quick races that are very low threshold to enter, and also has varying prizes. At the request of customer companies Cuckoo also organizes competitions with raffles where users within a certain company participate.

3. Participation in competitions

All users of the Cuckoo platform, except for employees at Cuckoo, can participate in the competitions and raffle of prizes. To be able to join the raffle of prizes, the user has to achieve a minimum activity in the Cuckoo platform during the time of the competition. The level of achievement needed is specified in the competitions, as this varies.

4. Informing the winner

The raffle is performed after the participation time has ended. Cuckoo’s employee contacts the winner(s) by email, phone, mail or through the Cuckoo platform’s chat. If the raffle organizer is unable to contact the winner(s) during 14 days from the completion of the raffle, the prize won’t be raffled to anyone else. The winner’s name and employer (if the user is part of a business plan in Cuckoo) will be notified to other users of the Cuckoo platform.

5. Prizes

The prizes in the raffles vary and their value can be anywhere between 2 and 500 euros. The prize may not be changed into money or another product.

6. Responsibility of the competition organizer

The winner of the raffle exempts the organizer from all responsibility and costs that can come from participating in the raffle, receiving the prize or using it. However, this does not reduce the rights the consumer has regarding the consumer protection law. The organizer’s responsibility towards participants is restricted to the amount and value of the prize. The winner is responsible for all other possible costs regarding the acceptance of the prize and usage of the prize. By participating in the raffle the user accepts these rules and the decisions of the organizer.

7. Publicity of competition results

The organizer of the raffle has a right to publish the name of the winner and his/her employer (in case the user is part of a business plan in Cuckoo) in the Cuckoo platform, on the website, on Cuckoo’s social media, and in newsletters.

8. Handling of personal data

Users of the Cuckoo platform participate in the competitions with their own Cuckoo profile. Cuckoo contacts the winner(s) by email, phone, mail or through the chat in Cuckoo to get further contact details. If necessary, Cuckoo will provide this information to a partnering company so that the winner can redeem his/her prize.

User data is handled according to EU’s common data protection regulation and Finland’s data protection legislation. More on how Cuckoo handles data can be found here:

9. Other

The organizer of the raffles can at any point disrupt or change competitions and raffles, and change the duration of the competitions if unprecedented actions occur that have an effect on the overall setup of the competition or raffle.