Feeling unmotivated or lacking meaning in your workdays?
Need a boost of energy or some help to refocus on your tasks?

Cuckoo provides a fun addition to every work day, adding meaningful moments, boosts for your wellbeing and a happy community! Say goodbye to boring work days!

"This whole concept is just awesome! I wasn't sceptical to begin with because work wellbeing is really close to my heart, BUT this REALLY WORKS! You really feel motivated to take breaks because you want to collect those points! The adult mind works like a child sometimes... Thank you!"
Cuckoo user


Added movement

Research shows that using Cuckoo adds movement in the day – not only during the workday but also in your free time.

Pain relief

User reports show that Cuckoo reduces back and neck pain.


Users have reported better energy throughout the day and quicker mental recovery after work.


Take breaks to fit your mood by choosing between different break categories in Cuckoo.

"Cuckoo made a quick workout a regular part of my work day and often also a great way to end a team meeting. The increased energy levels and the feeling of togetherness were evident as big smiles on everybody's faces."
Cuckoo user, Neste

1. How to get started

2. What then?

As a private user you can become a Cuckoo VIP customer and use all of Cuckoo’s features. Cuckoo VIP costs 9,90€/month and is always payed for 6 months in advance. After the six months we’ll be in touch to see if you want to continue your Cuckoo journey. Welcome aboard!

Considering Cuckoo for the entire company?

Making changes is easier with friends. Are you a team manager or working in HR? Click below and read more about how your company can benefit from Cuckoo.

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