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Cuckoo Bubbly

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Cuckoo Credible

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Data & Insight

Every single company wonders how their employees are doing. Are they motivated? Depressed or excited? Cuckoo is a wellbeing app aimed for companies which gives employers insight on the wellbeing of their employees.

Behavioural Change

Changing behaviour is not easy. Cuckoo is proven to change people’s behaviour through the motivating and inspiring activities it offers. Easy-to-use user experience enables effortless routines that help make the change possible and sustainable.

Communality & Meaning

The post-covid world has left behind a large number of isolated employees who have lost the feeling of communality and purpose. Cuckoo provides an easy way to increase unofficial get-togethers and laid-back encounters with colleagues while increasing energy levels and wellbeing. By having friendly competitions between work communities we strengthen the sense of belonging in your work community.

Love from our happy bunch of Cuckooers

Our work requires ability to concentrate for several hours and that’s why for example the mindfulnessbreaks in Cuckoo have been very good for our employees.”

Emmi Ritvanen

Customer Service Manager, L&T Finland

Cuckoo is a fun way to add breaks to your days! Employees enjoy the communality of Cuckoo. It’s great way to break the ice in any situation so we’ve used Cuckoo in meetings too!


New employees have also been glad that we value breaks and support it by offering this kind of service.

Elisabeth Skol

HR Director, Manpowergroup Sweden

​​”This whole concept is just awesome! This REALLY WORKS! You really feel motivated to take breaks because you want to collect those points! The adult mind works like a child sometimes… Thank you!”


Cuckoo user, Enfo Sweden

“I started to use Cuckoo a little reluctantly (western nonsense I thought), but this is just brilliant; the breaks are short and compact enough that you can take them as an everyday routine, but still they give you a lot of energy!”

Cuckoo user

Tornator Oyj Finland

Kati Sasse

VP of People and Culture, Berggren

Elina Koski

Human Resources Manager, Ensto


Cuckoo user,


Cuckoo user, Enfo