Are the costs of sick day leave increasing? Feel like the productivity of employees could be higher?

Cuckoo is the missing puzzle piece in your company’s wellbeing management strategy. Cuckoo provides:


Improved productivity

Research shows that using Cuckoo increases productivity with about 1,50€/hour which is 3000€/year.

Less sick leave

According to research, the use of Cuckoo decreases sick leave with about 2 days /person /year, saving companies lots of money.

Employer image

Offering a fun wellbeing service like Cuckoo improves your employer image, motivating people to come to your organization and stay there.

Wellbeing & communality

Research shows that using Cuckoo has a positive effect on both physical and mental wellbeing. Cuckoo also strengthens teams and the sense on communality.

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2 days/ person/ year

That’s how much the amount of sick days decreased after the start of using Cuckoo. Cuckoo has a positive effect on both mental and physical wellbeing, resulting in happier and healthier employees.

Joululahja työntekijöille voi aiheuttaa stressiä

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