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Are you the next
World Champion?

It is time to give the stage to the heroes of everyday life – the ones sitting in video meetings, in their homes and their offices. Cuckoo brings together companies from all over the world to compete in the World Championships of Smart Habits 1.11.-30.11.2021.

Let the excitement grow and watch the video below!

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Three steps to becoming the World Champion of Smart Habits

Sign up

Sign up for the World Championship of Smart Habits and start using Cuckoo app for free.

Collect points

You will compete as a team against other companies by making smart habits a routine and collecting points in Cuckoo app – choosing stairs instead of an elevator, complimenting your colleague and taking breaks for short exercises during a workday for example.

Become a World Champion

Follow your company’s progress on the Cuckoo Leaderboard, become a World Champion and win awesome rewards!

How can your company
become a World Champion

Find out how Cuckoo and World Championships work by watching this short video.

Win great rewards from top brands!

Weekly fun commentator
game studios

As in all the great sports events, we will wrap up each competition week with commentator studios.


  • Boost the competition spirit
  • Following and commenting the current rank
  • Guest commentators and other surprises to keeps you engaged!

Fun for the
whole company

Compete as a team against other companies in four different categories:

Joy, Boost, Focus, Relax


  • Increase the sense of communality by uniting the forces of office and remote workers
  • Reach for the fame and glory
  • Let Smart Habits become a routine
  • Become a World Champion and win great rewards

Take it up a notch?
Get tips and tricks from world class speakers.

We offer you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear these amazing athletes tell their inspirational stories. Sign up and find out how you can get these professionals to coach your team!


Jonas Eriksson

The most successful Swedish football referee of all time

Maria Rooth

Success in international major competitions in ice hockey

Jukka Jalonen

Three-time World Champion in ice hockey

Toni Piispanen

World Champion and Paralympic winner

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