New in Cuckoo!

New breaks everyday, new “incognito” breaks, new pricing, new app and much more! Read below about everything that’s new in Cuckoo!

New breaks every day!

Cuckoo is the Netflix for break exercises. We delight your workday with fresh content – we have over 1000 break exercises designed by physiotherapists, especially made for people who sit in their work. We have a new break everyday on the starting page of Cuckoo, so go ahead and try it!

Changing themes

We have listened carefully to our users’ feedback and wishes. In addition to daily new content, we have thought about the themes according to wishes. For example, we have launched Incognito breaks! You are able to take a break without anyone noticing, so take a break like somebody is watching! See the Finnish sprinter, Markus Pöyhönen, showing an example.

Calculate how much savings Cuckoo could bring to your business

Wait a minute, can you calculate such a thing? Yes you can. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health made a study in 2018 about the regular use of Cuckoo and based on the results we have created the calculator. See for yourself how profitable (and sensible) it is to take little breaks during work days!

Cuckoo App is now published

It is here! Cuckoo App is now published and introduction is easier than ever before. You can set specific times for your breaks and set the notifications on your phone as you wish. You can find us from the App Store and Google Play Store. You can log in with your Cuckoo credentials.

New, flexible pricing

More dynamic than before, but in a good way! We take into account your businesses’ specific needs and tailor the offer based on that. We want to offer the best possible solution for you.

Short Nano breaks

Are you in a hurry? Don’t have time for a 3 minute break? No worries, we have now 20-30 second Nano-breaks. They provide a small but efficient energy boost for the busiest of us.

Live breaks

Do you want to add movement and community to your day? Cuckoo hosts a weekly live break every Wednesday! The breaks are held in English and they last for 5 minutes.