Not sure how your employees are doing? Losing the feeling of communality in the workplace in a hybrid work environment?

Cuckoo provides you with a service that brings together colleagues wherever they are working, adds physical and mental wellbeing to employees’ days and lets you get new insight on the wellbeing of your work community.

Cuckoo provides


Health improvements

Research shows that using Cuckoo has a positive effect on both physical and mental wellbeing.


Cuckoo adds a sense of communality to the workplace no matter where people are working, and creates an open and creative culture.

Less sick leave

According to research, the use of Cuckoo decreases sick leave with about 2 days /person /year, saving companies lots of money.


Get lectures from wellbeing experts, decide on your own activities and get internal competitions! Also get new insight on the wellbeing of your employees.

How to get started?

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You’ll never be left alone! Every company gets a personal contact person from Cuckoo with whom you can ponder and discuss everything from break exercises to lunch ideas and to saving the world. Get to know Veve, Pauliina, Anton, Eve and the rest of the gang here.

30 minutes

That’s how much more people moved during a day after starting to use Cuckoo. Cuckoo not only adds movement through break exercise but increases the natural amount of movement and boosts energy levels throughout the day.

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