Based on hard core facts

Changing behaviour is not easy. Cuckoo is proven to change people’s behaviour while enjoying the gamified routines it offers.

Don't look any further - there is no small print

When the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health did a study on the use of Cuckoo and the changes it brought with it to a company’s employees, they found that the employees perceived their work community as more open, accepting and creative after having taken Cuckoo into use at the work place. The same study showed that productivity indeed grew, while the amount of sick leave days decreased.

Happy employees are more productive

According to a study by Oxford University’s Saïd Business School workers are 13% more productive when happy. So increasing the amount of joyful moments in your employees days has a direct impact on your company’s financial performance.

Sometimes it's our peers that will take us there

Our recent survey on working remotely showed us somewhat surprising numbers: the biggest challenge was seen to be the lack of social interaction, while physical and mental challenges were seen as smaller challenges.


Meanwhile, 80% of participants liked working remotely and 66% wanted to continue working remotely fully or partially. The meaning of the work community should therefor not be belittled.


There is strength in numbers and we should do our best to empower and support a wholesome and open work community regardless of where this work is happening.

Amount of participants: 2345

Study executed by Cuckoo Networks in June 2021.