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Mindfulness is a part of everyday life at Mehiläinen

Company name: Mehiläinen Occupational Health Oy, Customer Service Team
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Cuckoo Story: They started using Cuckoo in the spring of 2019 and love doing the mindfulness breaks.


Skills in awareness and mindfulness have begun to gain more attention. In workplaces, people have also come to realize that mindfulness is a powerful tool when it comes to managing stress, solving sleeping problems and reducing time pressure. Mindfulness helps you focus on the present by concentrating on a certain target, such as your own breathing or thoughts. Studies show that with regular practice, you can learn to adopt an accepting and calm approach to everyday situations. Ninni Luusua from Mehiläinen customer service told us how Mindfulness- breaks help her with her work.

Ninni works as a nurse and a service consultant, helping customers over the phone and through Mehiläinen’s digital services. Their office has had Cuckoo now from the spring of 2019 and Ninni has been using it actively ever since they got it. 

“My work is very static, so I sit for hours. Therefore, Cuckoo has become an important part of my and my colleagues’ days. Our supervisor encourages us to use it and we also motivate each other”.

Mindfulness offers a way to calm down and rewind

Ninni was familiar with Mindfulness practices beforehand, so she was pleased when she noticed that Cuckoo offers also Mindfulness breaks. She believes, that Mindfulness offers a way to calm and rewind oneself at work or at home. It also improves concentration.

“Having a Mindfulness break after work has become a routine of mine. It helps me to get my mind off from work and start recovering so I can enjoy my free time. Sometimes, I also have Mindfulness break at work if I have had a stressful situation or a challenging customer case. My colleagues already know not to interrupt me, if I have my eyes closed and I’m taking deep breaths because they know I’m having a break :D”

Make yourself familiar with having a break

Ninni does Mindfulness exercises at home also before going to sleep. It helps her to calm down and makes it easier to fall asleep. In addition to the Mindfulness breaks, she also enjoys the active breaks, because it is important to get up and move during the workday.

“Cuckoo offers a variety of happy videos, that make your day better. Cuckoo is easy to use. Even in this short period that I have used Cuckoo I have already witnessed positive results in my wellbeing, such as less neck and shoulder pains, less headaches and thus, less pain killers. It is very motivating, and I will definitely continue using Cuckoo on a regular basis.”

“The art of pausing and calming oneself is very useful, as it has a beneficial effect on human wellbeing. In the modern age, people are constantly going full steam ahead. As a result, the mind and body may not be at all familiar with the concept of pausing. It’s an important thing to learn,” says Emma Sandström, who runs the blog Hidasta Elämää (Slow Life).

Mehiläinen definitely knows how to calm down from time to time!

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