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Bubbly, Brave and (In)Credible Cuckoo

100 hundred jumping jacks once a day. That’s how Cuckoo started. Jumping around in pink  t-shirts eager to change worklife habits and bring joy to the workplace. 

Several years and tens of thousands of happy users later, it’s time to start a new chapter in Cuckoo’s story. We are excited to align our new brand with our future international ambition. As a part of this brand change we renewed, or renamed to be exact, our values as well. After spending hours with our team trying to figure out what we are and what we are not, we finally found our new values that sound and feel like us:





Bubbly. It stems from us – we are a bunch of genuinely happy, easy-going and up-for-anything kind of people. We always have a little twinkle in the eye – have you seen our break reminders in Teams app for example? The Bubbly value appears also in our ability to laugh at ourselves. Some people might think doing exercise movements at the office are embarrassing but in Cuckoo it doesn’t matter how you look. That’s why our models in the exercise videos are real humans as well – they might wobble or miss a beat, but hey that’s life! 


Brave. For us being brave means making decisions that are provocative and evoke emotions in order to improve and renew. We are not trying to give something to everyone. We want to be brave and unique even if it means that there are some people that disapprove – at least we are giving them something to talk about. We set the bar high. Our mission is to make working life more joyful, no less than, all around the world.


Credible. We are trustworthy and we build on facts and research – the positive effects of using Cuckoo have been scientifically proven. We are also constantly improving our app so that it will provide even more personalized information for our users and their employers. We want to be the number one app that provides well-being data. Actual, measurable, credible data that adds real value to their lives and supports their well-being. 


Incredible. That’s what we want every first time Cuckooer to think after their first contact with Cuckoo. Value “Incredible” guides our steps in everything we do. It means doing things differently from others. We are not preaching and warning. Instead we are supporting and cheering. Incredible is also the value that ties together the rest of the values. We aim to surprise with bubbly and brave new ideas anchored with credibility – a combination that often creates incredible things. We can’t wait to show you them!


We hope you love the new Cuckoo. We do.